19 June, 2008

a "thank you" gift...

This is a very old quilted envelope that I've had for many moons. I bought it in a knitting shop to keep needlepoint projects in. Now that I cross stitch, I keep my current project in it.

Several months ago, my dear friend Mieke, who, due to failing eyesight can no longer quilt, gave me a blue plastic box. This was in it.

It sat here in my sewing room, closed and unsure of it's fate. Until I was cleaning out the room this past weekend, re-discovering my precious fabrics, WIP's and UFO's. Mieke is undergoing a stressfull move, due to health reasons. I wanted to cheer her up a bit in a little way. So this is what I did:

I made her an envelope just like mine. She's always liked it, so hopefully this will cheer her up a bit. She can keep her cross stitch work in here, and still enjoy the fabrics she loves, but had to give away. My daughter came up with the idea of placing the heart the front flap.

Now Mieke has given me all her fabrics to do with as I please. It saddens us both that she can no longer quilt, and there are many unfinished quilts lurking in those boxes now stacked up in my room. You know I'll be working up something special for her. It would be nice if at least she could enjoy the fabrics she spent time collecting in her home. But shhh...mum's the word, ok?

EDIT: Mieke was very, very happy with her envelope!


Heidi said...

This is beautiful! It was so nice of you to do this for your friend. I would be heartbroken to give up my quilting. But I may end up with lots of UFOs unless I make a dent in them this year. We are going to make those dents together right??? I think Mieke will be so pleased that you remember her through her fabrics and UFOs. What a great friend you are!

Hugs ~

Carol R said...

That is so sweet of you Heidi to make such a beautiful quilted envelope for Mieke. I have never done any quilting but I am sure that a lot of work went into this. The heart made a lovely finshing touch.

Jantine said...

Wat een lief gebaar! Het is mooi geworden! Wat triest als je je hobby niet meer kunt uitvoeren... Het hartje is ook een goed idee!!!

Heidi said...

Hi stitching friends!
Yes, Mieke made a very generous gesture to give me all those fabrics. I've already cusulted with s quilting friend of mine and we've decided that we'd work on some of Mieke's UFO's in the near future so she can enjoy them. But we will be keeping it a surprise! Who knows? perhaps by Christams time we'll have some fun gifts to give her!


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