06 May, 2011

Beyond the Cherry Trees Block #1

This one was easier and more fun to do that block #2.


I like the subtle effect of using the different greens and reds.
Block number 3 is prepped and ready to go - this is becoming quite addictive!
As you may notice, I haven't cut the block to size yet.  That will wait until all the blocks are completed and ready to sew into a top.

But before I get stuck into stitching, some household chores first, the re-folding of all my fabrics!  Well, not all of them, I made piles of all the colors, using the mnemonic ROY G. BIV  as a guide plus, black, grey, cream, brown and shirting fabrics.
Where before I kept my fabrics relatively separated into collections, types or fabrics to be used in a future project, they are now all mixed up, old and new, batiks, reproductions, modern, solids, japanese, etc.
Why, because I tend to choose fabrics more on color than print, and it makes things more fun and adventurous to try and mix styles and types of fabrics together....
At least the fabrics that have languished for a few years now in the closet will get a fair chance to show their stuff in the next project, and now I also know that I really need to add orange and purple and double pinks to my collection!

And speaking of next projects, I have become reacquainted with some old UFO's, kits and things I don't want to part with, yet do want to work on.  Time to make a list and see if they can be gently worked in my already growing one for stuff to do this year...

Have a wonderful weekend!


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