24 June, 2013

a move....

July 1st Google Reader will be gone.
In order to keep up with my favorite blogs, I've decided to join Bloglovin' and give them a go.

So if you haven't done so before, you may want to consider joining so that you too can keep up with your favorite blogs and that your readers can follow you too!

Keep following my blog with a click on this link:

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There are other services out there, but I haven't gotten 'round to reading about them and sorting all the facts out, and joining Bloglovin' was fast and easy.

It hasn't been much of a summer here in Holland and I've stayed away from the computer for a long time because, life demanded my fullest attention, but soon I hope to make more time and share my quilting efforts with all of you again.

...I'm off to so some utility stitching....

24 May, 2013

lollipop tree block #3

This one was ready quite some time ago.  I just forgot to post it.....

Another project has taken all of my attention and time.  It also has a deadline, so I've spent very little time behind the computer.  Get a lot done that way though...

At least I have a new block to bring to the Bee tomorrow!

Have a lovely weekend.

18 April, 2013

lollipop tree block #2

prepped and ready to stitch.

I had made such a mess with the first one, I figured, why not continue?  
This one went much faster, and I thought much less about the fabrics, fussy cutting and placement.
Much more fun and much more relaxing that way.

These trees are addictive and fun to make, but alas, I tidied up so I can begin stitching on tree #.  Don't think it will take long before I begin on number 3....

15 April, 2013

Lollipop Tree block #1

prepped and ready to be stitched.

It wasn't easy!  Although I've worked with Kaffe Fasett fabrics before it was in a different context, for a different sort of project.  Now I had to look at them in a new way, to try to see new things.  New color combinations.  Fussy cutting is fun, but....I like surprises too and just letting the quilt happen.  So lots to think about as to the approach to this quilt.  Still not sure about the peach large leaves.....

When all the pieces were complete and I saw the block in its entirety, I decided to glue the pieces down rather than to baste them onto the background.  The leaves are pre-basted, and for the circles I used Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles.

At least I'm ready for Saturday's Bee.
Now back to my clamshells....

09 April, 2013

Lollipop Trees

Yep, a new project.  And one that I've been excited to get started on.
The Lollipop Trees Quilt by Kim McClean.  Some of you may remember that I had begun preparations on the Roseville Album Quilt, but other projects with deadlines got in the way.  In the meantime,  priorities have changed, and the "to do" list has been re-drafted.  Working on the Lollipops is a way for me to work with wonderful colors, and it's an easy quilt to applique, leaving some energy over to work on some other projects  ( or so she thinks...)

6 background blocks are prepared and stitched with a central cross done by machine to help with placement. I'm starting with block #1, and using the starter pack I purchased for the Roseville Album quilt.  Just a few minutes of play and I already know that I'll be adding to this pack!

...and now the hardest part of making this quilt I think....

color selection!

warm and cool?

oh my, low contrast...hmm...now what?
let the texture do the talking?

Lots to think about, lots to play with.  Easy?  Hmmm...nope!  Fun?  Yes!
Just hope I can get at least one block prepared so that I have something to bring to the Kim McClean Bee in Haarlem's De Sampler's next session.  I've missed two meetings and can't wait to finally join these kind and creative ladies again and share in the fun!

In the meantime, I'm off to ponder some more colors.....

13 March, 2013

Something to do...

It's been a while now since I've been home from surgery.  Still not allowed to do much, just taking little walks, and lots of rest.  After a few weeks my fingers began to itch and I missed the needle and thread in hand, so I began a totally new project, one that doesn't require too much thinking....(ahem...she said...)

Luckily my closet is organized, and the stacks of fabrics short enough, and at the right height for me to pull out ( I'm not allowed to do practically any lifting).  A perfect opportunity to dive into my stash and use almost a bit of everything.....
Mind you, there are fabrics in there more than 10 years old....doesn't make them less nice though!

This is my new "little" project.  A 3 inch clamshell that I drafted myself.  I've made a template and am drawing the lines on front side of the fabric, and basting only the top of the clamshell down. 
Like quite a number of bloggers I came across, this was a quilt on "The List" for me too.  Normally I would just dive in and get started on a bed-sized quilt, but in this case, and to make it a bit easier to handle while spending most of the day on the couch, I would do a smaller, baby sized quilt.  There's still plenty in the closet should I be moved to make a "real" size...lol!

Anyhow, here's a picture of what amounts to be 2 days' worth of cutting and preparing on my design wall.  Looks like a few more rows are needed.  I just threw them up there randomly, and perhaps, I'll leave it just like that.

16 February, 2013

Another Hiatus

No quilting for a while.
Had to go into hospital 4 days ago. All went well, and progress is good.

Once home, I'll have to put my hand quilting aside, the quilt I'm working on is just to heavy now to lift and shift in the hoop. A bit of a bummer, because I was really getting into it!
The upside is that some piecing is waiting for me, and it will be nice to work on the Double Wedding Ring quilt.

In the meantime, it's nice to amuse myself with other things like my beloved New York Times Crossword puzzles, and the company of my dear friends whose amazing, positive energy boost me. You know, that stuff really works!! Lol!

See you when I get home,

04 February, 2013

a UFO finish.....

It's been a quiet and difficult time here lately trying to deal with the loss of my best friend.
How life changes!  A whole new routine has to be created, and you miss lots of the old routine, the things that brought comfort, the passing of time, the rhythm of things..

I can't tell you how grateful I am for having something to pour my thoughts and focus into during troubled times.  Quilting is that for me without a doubt.  There's a baby quilt waiting desperately to be finished as baby Nova is already here, but I won't work on it.  Energies and all that.

So I took it out on a UFO that's been hanging around taking up valuable closet space.  Looking back at my project notes the top was completed in a weekend during December 2009 (!!) I didn't put too much effort into it, it was just something to finish and get it out there to live on the couch or bed during this cold winter.  I finished it Sunday afternoon, and tossed it straight into the washer and dryer.  It didn't ravel as much as I'd hoped, but I'm sure with progressive washings it'll look more "loved".

So there you have it.
Bullseye quilt.  Done.

Now back to the quilt waiting patiently folded on top of a standing quilt hoop.  Two-thirds of the quilt is done and then I can check this one off the list too....see a pattern here?

25 January, 2013

22 January, 2013

first 2013 finish...

Yep, it's been a long while since blogging, but the hiatus was good and needed.
The fingers did stay busy and here's the sampler that Jovita and I created for my beginner's quilting class.  Check out her blog for two different versions she's been making of this same quilt.  

The colors were so unlike anything I've used in a quilt before, and I think it has set the tone for me as to how I will look at fabrics from now on.  

This quilt was hand-pieced and hand-quilted.  The fabrics, the colors were just so cheerful and really made me smile every time I worked on it.
It was also the first time I really enjoyed hand quilting as well.  I just stopped fussing and fretting about every stitch having to be perfect and got on with it.  It just got better and better, and easier and easier.

As for the rest of the year - no real quilting resolutions made, except that I'll be finishing up a bunch of UFO's and adding only one new project to the list.  
This was so much fun to do though, that it will be hard not to make another sampler....!


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