28 April, 2010


I really wasn't in the mood to work on one of my larger projects today, but still wanted to feel like I did something that was on "the list" to finish, so I sat down and made 8 coasters.  I've made these before for friends as gifts, and finally I made some to match the neutral colors in our living room.  I found some Japanese fabrics scraps left over from a previous project, and here's the result:

I really need to make little projects more often!  It feels so nice to have something done at the end of the day to enjoy!  That, and it keeps the hands busy while I decide what to work on next.  I always seem to have a period of time where I don't do much after completing a large project.  There's so much I'd like to work on, that I don't know what to work on!  Ever have that?

But now it's off to make a shopping list of things I really do need to continue and finish some projects.  Tomorrow I'm off to the European Quilt Championships in Veldhoven to meet with friends and enjoy some beautiful quilts.  As far as shopping goes, I will try to stick to what I need, and not come home with yet another bag full of fabrics!  Perhaps just a few to make a modern wall quilt for the living room...?  With the wonderful weather we've been having here, no matter what I come home with, it will be a great day!

24 April, 2010

12 klosjes

a modest beginning...

12 done, 488 to go.....

23 April, 2010

green logs

I haven't only been cutting and stitching little klosjes, I've also been busy building log cabin blocks for little baby due in around two months. The mom was very specific about what she wanted ( you know how pregnant moms can get - I know, I was one many moons ago...) and so I am only happy to oblige.
I was also under strict orders to stick to making do and using what I have.  It's becoming more and more doing this and a joy to see the results in not only this project, but in other projects as well.

I would have zipped through these blocks, but I'm a bit stuck in the water waiting for the tearaway foundation that I ordered to come in. I'm hoping it will be here soon so I can pick it up again!

My hands won't be still waiting however, there's lots to do, so I think I'll do some more quilting on my red and white log cabin that is still waiting to be finished.  There's also a granny square throw that needs the rest of it's fringes knotted on, cross stitch samplers...pffft!

Enjoy your weekend,

18 April, 2010

old school stitching

I did't get to make anymore klosjes blocks before Saturday, but did spend this week preparing lots of little pieces so I can sit and make the blocks in what will be rare quiet moments this week. Beginning such a project really makes me realize how important it is to have a collection of light fabrics is! Even though I have built up a nice variety of lights, they would not do as the majority in the background effect I would like for this project. EQC is coming up in Veldhoven, so I'll dig around for some there.

It's been a while since I've pieced by hand! I've been so focused on getting to know my sewing machines better, becoming a better machine piecer, and quilter. I feel much more confident working a sewing machine now, and since I have the Featherweight, I have less fears to open up a machine and work on it.
Drawing the block, making the templates, making sure the pieces fit exactly, and using my favorite quilting pencil to trace the shapes on fabrics brought me back to my first days of learning to quilt. There's something soothing and comforting about it. It slows my thoughts, calms and I find joy in the process.
When I stitched the first klosje, it felt slow and clumsy, by the time I completed the second block my fingers knew what do to and where to go. Just like riding a bike.
There's so much on my plate right now, it's hard to keep my head organized, so stitching these fellas in stolen moments will help me catch my breath...

15 April, 2010

on the bandwagon....

Ok, ok, you got me!
All those cute little klosjes  on all those blogs finally made me relent, grab fabric and get started.

Still making do with what I already have, I found some old Den Haan & Wagenmakers fabrics lurking in my closet.  Finally a good project to use them with!
So you know what I'll be doing tonight right?  Sitting in front of the TV, tracing shapes to make a stack of pieces ready to stitch when I'm not behind the sewing machine.  The old cigar boxes collected during the beginning days of learning to quilt will come in handy now.

So where do I sign up?
I'm currently working on yet another baby quilt, so I don't know how many klosjes I"ll get done by Saturday, but I'll do my best!

14 April, 2010

little log cabin

The moment I got my little Featherweight, I was itching to start sewing with it, so since I'm "making do" with my stash, I went diving into my scrap bin and this came out.  I made this a few weeks ago, the moment Grasshopper was oiled and lubed and ready to go.

It's now hanging on the wall in our guest room, a wall I plan on using to hang all sorts of little quilts on.
What will be the next project for the wall?  I've been thinking about trying out some classic quilt blocks, to play with color and fabric and hang them up to create a quilt collage.
With all the large quilt projects I tend to make, it will be kind of nice to have some little projects to do in between or as a break.

Do you do that too?

note: in answer to Rhonda's question regarding the size of the quilt that popped up the moment I posted this is:
The quilt's finished measurements are 15 inches square and the blocks are just shy of 2 inches square.
In metric measurements: 38 cm x 38 cm, and the blocks are 5 cm square.

02 April, 2010

just chuffed to bits!

May I introduce you to my new Singer Featherweight?

No romantic story here, it came to me from England purchased from eBay and I find myself very fortunate to have one in such nice condition.  This one is from 1952.  Found under Grandmothers' bed.  Shiny and clean on the outside, and just as pristine on the inside.  It's clear to see it was barely used.
I gave it some oil, lubed the gears, and now it's just purring away.

Although I do enjoy using my two Pfaffs, this is a different piece of pie.  I understand now why quilters around the world love this little machine and take it with them everywhere they want to sew.
I love it's simplicity, and the fact that it's so easy to maintain.  I may love my high-tech gadgets, but there's nothing like good old-fashioned mechanics!  You do understand when I tell you that in my enthusiasm I've made a little quilt with it ( soon to be posted ) , rather than properly photograph and post to my blog....hey, I was having too much fun!

Many quilters name their Featherweights.  I've never done that before with a machine, with the exception of my Mac and iPod....
So for me, "Grasshopper".  What do you think?  It's the only thing that came to mind because it is so small and cute...you almost want to knit it a sweater...lol!

till next time,


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