16 February, 2013

Another Hiatus

No quilting for a while.
Had to go into hospital 4 days ago. All went well, and progress is good.

Once home, I'll have to put my hand quilting aside, the quilt I'm working on is just to heavy now to lift and shift in the hoop. A bit of a bummer, because I was really getting into it!
The upside is that some piecing is waiting for me, and it will be nice to work on the Double Wedding Ring quilt.

In the meantime, it's nice to amuse myself with other things like my beloved New York Times Crossword puzzles, and the company of my dear friends whose amazing, positive energy boost me. You know, that stuff really works!! Lol!

See you when I get home,

04 February, 2013

a UFO finish.....

It's been a quiet and difficult time here lately trying to deal with the loss of my best friend.
How life changes!  A whole new routine has to be created, and you miss lots of the old routine, the things that brought comfort, the passing of time, the rhythm of things..

I can't tell you how grateful I am for having something to pour my thoughts and focus into during troubled times.  Quilting is that for me without a doubt.  There's a baby quilt waiting desperately to be finished as baby Nova is already here, but I won't work on it.  Energies and all that.

So I took it out on a UFO that's been hanging around taking up valuable closet space.  Looking back at my project notes the top was completed in a weekend during December 2009 (!!) I didn't put too much effort into it, it was just something to finish and get it out there to live on the couch or bed during this cold winter.  I finished it Sunday afternoon, and tossed it straight into the washer and dryer.  It didn't ravel as much as I'd hoped, but I'm sure with progressive washings it'll look more "loved".

So there you have it.
Bullseye quilt.  Done.

Now back to the quilt waiting patiently folded on top of a standing quilt hoop.  Two-thirds of the quilt is done and then I can check this one off the list too....see a pattern here?


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