29 July, 2009


Some images to share with you while I unpack ...

spinner - Dyer's Souk, Marrakech

crocheted caps, Medina, Marrakech

drying scarves, Dyer's Souk, Medina, Marrakech

Terrase des Epices, Artisans Souk, Medina, Marrakech
a restful place to eat, cool off. and relax - beautiful use of color

drying scarves, Dyer's Souk, Medina, Marrakech

a place to hide from the Scirocco's hot wind...
Cafe Clock, Medina, Fez

A wonderful trip, my senses are saturated with sound, color, scent and spices.
Inspired again, I'm eager to try out new things, new colors, new ideas, and in what form, who knows...?

21 July, 2009

Commes les serpents

.... And that's exactly what we are doing. Like the serpents in the desert, we are keeping very, very still, sipping water, not moving until the worst of the heat passes, after five, six o'clock.

-- Post From My iPhone: Fez, Morocco


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