27 June, 2008

it's all in the pinning....

Made some more half-square triangles. While doing that I decided to make large square units of 5 blocks down and 5 across since it may be easier to put the top together that way instead of working with very long strips of blocks.
This quilt is planned to be 240 cm by 240 cm (or a bit longer) so that it will hang over the bed. 900 of those blocks to make, so steady as she goes! Good thing about it though, the stash will be finally used. Since Mieke's charms are primarily rose and flower fabrics, I'll be adding plaids and other charms from my own stash. That should give me some more room in my closet!

Work has to proceed slowly and accurately to make sure the points don't get "eaten" up in the seams. It's fun and quick to work with the machine, but I still think I have more control when working by hand. The cardinal rule in this project? It's all in the pinning!

Going to stop here for today and do some things around the house as we have a big weekend coming up.
Wishing you a good weekend!


Heidi said...

Love this quilt!!! It is going to look colorwise like ours which I will have to send you a photo of. It is on my blog (CTS) if you search the archives. I am excited to reveal our sins together...well UFO sins anyway. :) How fun! I am off to cook dinner but will send you an email and we can talk about posting.

Happy Sunday!

Hugs en groetjes ~

Nana's Quilts said...

Your points are excellent. I'm totally a machine person so have to work at being sure they are, as you said, well pinned.

Good quilty wishes,
Nana Marne
(Seattle, Washington, VS)

LynnS said...

Your piecing is very good, and the colors are so lovely. I will enjoy watching the progress on this piece.

The Grimshaw sampler is very unusual! Thanks for sharing it as you work this up!

I found you through Stitchin' Fingers where I am a member, too.


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