27 November, 2008

We'll be celebrating on Saturday....

The silver is polished and the glasses shine, so now it's time to begin preparations for the big dinner. I even managed to make a table runner for the occasion! ( to be photographed and posted when lighting conditions are better ). Since it's not a holiday here in Holland, we'll be having the turkey on Saturday.

To all my friends, family and readers,

A very happy Thanksgiving - there's much to be thankful for!


17 November, 2008

a slow build: House #4

This weekend was spent doing lots of stuff around the house, but also sneaking in stitches here and there, together with longer bouts of stitching while "watching" or well,  listening to Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot solve murder mysteries.

I finally seem to be picking up a rhythm in this piece, and getting used to stitching big blocks of color so it is going much faster. Starting to "see" the pattern, if that makes any sense to you.  It's also the first time I've got a bent needle! Haven't changed to a new one yet, this one has adopted the form of my hand and I've gotten used to it. It made we wonder if any of you stitchers keep the same needle or if you change to a new one if the current one gets bent?

It has also put me to thinking about one of those stitch remover thingies - I've been using the needle to do that and that may have contributed to its current form..lol!

Time has also been spent working on a quilt project, but that I can't post yet as it's a gift. Due to certain circumstances, this project however simple, has become an emotional drain, and it takes every bit of self-coaching to get myself working on it. What once had me so encouraged, now has me dragging my feet. Every had that? This is a project that should have nothing but love in it, and I even tried to change the design, to give it a freshness, but to no avail. The worst part of it is it's a baby quilt.

What do you all do when you face something like this? Normally I'd put it away but in this case there's a dead line. End of the month. Any insights, ideas, would be so much appreciated!

have a happy monday!

15 November, 2008

a favorite toy...

Remember this?  

I used to have one and my daughter had one - don't ask me where it is now, but it brings back lots of fun memories.  Fiddling with the knobs, trying to get smooth curves, and the sound of the sand when shook to start over again for the umpteenth time.  
Try your hand at this virtual version you can find here:

In the meantime - I'm off to do some stitching and promise to post on my progress soon.

Wishing you all a good weekend,

04 November, 2008

picked up the stitching again...

and decided to get a start on the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.
It's a change from working with only one color, and with these Au Ver A Soie silks its a pleasure! Here's a quick picture of the start. I'm beginning with house #4.

You'd think it was an easy pattern, the houses are pretty much square, a nice change of pace from the more fiddly bits of the Quaker and sampler pieces I've been working on, but no. Counting long rows of stitches once, twice, maybe three times takes time, and doesn't guarantee it's right! After a few false starts, I've finally gotten it right and have found a rhythm.

At least I'm doing something again. Life has been busy and I've been de-cluttering again, which has taken up much of my time, leaving little to quilt or cross stitch. Adding to that, Blogger has been very unkind, frustrating my access to my own blog and to leave comments on others! Today after a few attempts I was finally able to post today.

On a happier note, I picked up some goodies a few days ago, and can't wait to share them with you as soon as I have better lighting (it's dark and misty today). Also, a new little quilt is finally in the works - I'll be cutting the fabric today I hope and share that with you as soon as possible.

On this Tuesday, Election Day, I bid you happy stitching!


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