04 March, 2011

for her new shop...

A few weeks ago,.  It all started with an email.  An email asking for help.  Janine owner of
't Quiltgebeuren and friend, asked if we could help out cutting fabrics into strips and fat quarters so she could clear out those leftover bolts of fabrics.  This all in preparation for the move to the store's new location.  Myself and the rest of the gang, being more than happy to help out, popped in to the shop to help out.

I was helping to clear a box of fabrics, cutting what could become a roll, or fat quarter.  Odd cuts and bits I put aside, until Janine told me to take those with me, knowing that I'm a big log cabin fan,  Sweet!  Yes, she is a dear....

And then....during a tea break....

Don't ask me how this happened, but somehow I got roped into making a liberated log cabin quilt for  the new shop!  How cool is that? Janine, gave me that puppy look, and I fell.  All I remember is asking about a wall in the new store.....

Luckily there were witnesses, all of whom had a good laugh, so I lassoed the loudest laugher, my friend Els, to help me with this project.  Next, we both told our quilting buddies, and they were excited to help as well, and that's how Tineke and Diana got hooked into this project too!
I was given a few bags worth of the shops' scraps and bits and a sample roll of wall paper use as reference for the colors of the quilt, and sent on my merry way to organize the troops.

Since I was deemed the liberated log cabin expert, and the rest had never made one, we gathered at my house for a quick-start lesson, and everyone had 4, 12 1/2 " blocks to complete.  Diana and I got together this past Monday and spent the evening sewing everyone's blocks into a quilt top.
Here our contribution to the new entrance of the shop ends as we leave the quilt in Janine's capable hands to quilt it on her longarm machine!  Since she doesn't like the last task, I offerend to hand sew the binding on......;-)

So here it is:

close up detail:

This was so much fun to do and so liberating to work like this, I'm planning to make one for myself with all my left over bits and scraps.  I sure do have enough to make a few!  After making Janine's I have some new ideas, or may just let the fabrics speak for themselves....so stay tuned...

Now back to my hand quilting - the Baptist Fans are coming along nicely and the first fan of the second row is drawn, leaving me to settle on the couch and quilt this evening.  I've really come to love hand quilting and find that I look forward to doing it every moment I can!


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