22 June, 2008

Happy Birthday Darwin!!

Two years old today!
He used to be like this:

I didn't manage to get a proper photo of him today: Darwin did what he always loves to do most, lots of swimming and rolling in the mud!
Can't even imagine life without him! Our big bear....


Heidi said...

Ah! Happy birthday to dear sweet Darwin! What a cutie pie. That little face must have melted your heart and undoubtly still does.

Hugs ~

Carol R said...

What breed is Darwin? He's a beautiful dog. He must be huge now if that's how big he was as a puppy!

Kim said...

Ooh...uh oh! I am in love. Darwin was and is probably just as adorable now as when this wonderful photo was taken. You are so lucky to have him, I bet he is very good company, aside from the mud and all. :)

Rhonda said...

What a sweet picture of you doggie. It's amazing how much of a part of the family our pet become. I agree, we can't imagine life without the undying love of our pets.

Heidi said...

thank you all!
By the way, to answer Carol's question: Darwin is a Blonde Golden Retriever. But where we live he's just known as the Polar Bear..LOL!


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