18 March, 2012

Bits of color

on a Sunday afternoon......

Decided to complete making 112 packs in total for the Double Wedding Ring. There are 15 more to go. One pack (a very small zip lock bag) contains the pieces for the arc and the corner stones which will form the melon. I was making them and then sewing them, but I got tired of doing that. Too much energy to pull all the bits of fabric. This way the packs can be stored neatly, and I can put the fabrics away, making my sewing room a bit neater!
About 140 fabrics I counted that I used- didn't think it was that much, and then I didn't count the ones that were used in the beginning.
It's just nice to be able to sit and sew, and think it will go much faster this way.

Anyway, time to go watch a movie with Mr. B.stitches, complete with munchies.....
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon.....

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15 March, 2012

the ides of march...

Gosh, how time has passed!

My fingers have been moving all that time, but now they've come to a stop because there is no more to sew and many more pieces need to be prepared so I can continue my quest for finishing this Double Wedding Ring quilt.  While I've fallen into a rhythm making these packets and sewing at least one melon every night, other projects have been silently waiting for my attention.

I'll get to them, I haven't forgotten them, just want to get some good headway on this. Ever have that?
In the column of my blog I've been noting how many melons I've made out of the 112 that are needed.  35 is the current number.  A few days work and then I'll have enough packets to work on for a while.  It's a bit tedious to have to stop and do this, but it's also a nice break, and well, necessary.

In the meantime, I've been quietly collecting fabrics to make the Trick or Treat basket quilt, and searching for certain kinds of fabrics for future projects, and also have three baby quilts to make!  So while I make lists, sketch drawings, and make calculations, mull things over while sipping tea, my fingers keep moving on this Double Wedding Ring.....
Another good thing while sewing, I'm catching up on movies and shows missed - finally saw all the  Twilight movies, and episodes I missed from Stargate Atlantis and Sanctuary.....:-)


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