13 March, 2013

Something to do...

It's been a while now since I've been home from surgery.  Still not allowed to do much, just taking little walks, and lots of rest.  After a few weeks my fingers began to itch and I missed the needle and thread in hand, so I began a totally new project, one that doesn't require too much thinking....(ahem...she said...)

Luckily my closet is organized, and the stacks of fabrics short enough, and at the right height for me to pull out ( I'm not allowed to do practically any lifting).  A perfect opportunity to dive into my stash and use almost a bit of everything.....
Mind you, there are fabrics in there more than 10 years old....doesn't make them less nice though!

This is my new "little" project.  A 3 inch clamshell that I drafted myself.  I've made a template and am drawing the lines on front side of the fabric, and basting only the top of the clamshell down. 
Like quite a number of bloggers I came across, this was a quilt on "The List" for me too.  Normally I would just dive in and get started on a bed-sized quilt, but in this case, and to make it a bit easier to handle while spending most of the day on the couch, I would do a smaller, baby sized quilt.  There's still plenty in the closet should I be moved to make a "real" size...lol!

Anyhow, here's a picture of what amounts to be 2 days' worth of cutting and preparing on my design wall.  Looks like a few more rows are needed.  I just threw them up there randomly, and perhaps, I'll leave it just like that.


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