23 February, 2011

take a moment...

Just wanted to share this with you after reading about it on my friend Diana's blog, thanks Diana!
A wonderful little film celebrating the beauty and symmetry of quilts.

I enjoyed taking a moment to enjoy the animation and images, I hope you will too...

Here's the link just in case it won't work in the post...

Quilt by Gayle Thomas


15 February, 2011

souvenirs from the Patchwork & Quiltdagen....

Saturday I spent a wonderful day with my quilt buddies at the Patchwork & Quiltdagen in Vijfhuizen.
Oh, so much to see, and lots to be tempted with!
Of course I couldn't leave without some souvenirs:

a basket full of goodies:
some tweed, linnens, reproductions fabrics and quilting thread

here's a close up of the white linens

and a snap of the luscious tweeds
Yummy, no?
I've got a few projects that I can't show right now, that I need to get done, and then I can't wait to get my hands on my new goodies!

08 February, 2011

working the hands...

Today I spent hand quilting.  It's been such a long time since the classes I've taken, that I thought I'd forget!  A friend told me it was just like riding a bicycle...hmm, perhaps....
I've been wanting to quilt a quilt using the Baptist Fan pattern - I've always loved it as an overall pattern, and on this quilt I think it's just right.
After consulting Quilting With Style by Gwen Marston & Joe cunningham, from my library, I made my own fan maker from some cardboard, grabbed a pencil, and I was good to go!

Here you can see the bit of cardboard I cut, with holes 1 " apart.  The holes are just big enough for my pencil to fit through so I can draw the lines.  I use two pencils, one lead, the other green so I can see better in the darker bits of fabric.

My stitching isn't perfect yet, and I'm not really focusing on making small ones, just making them as even as possible.  The batting is 100% unbleached cotton, Tuscany Collection.  I chose it for the wrinkly/shrink effect after washing, but I must admit, it's not very regular in it's texture.  It seems as if it needles quite easily at one point, then gets tough at another.....

Just as I was bringing my quilt to the table to draw my third fan, I received this in the mail:
Accidentally on Purpose by Eli Leon an inspirational book filled with the kinds of quilts that inspire me with their color and form.  If you love liberated quilts and their history like I do, I think you'll enjoy this book!

..and now back to my fans....


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