29 April, 2009

not far to go...

Even though I've been away for quite some time from my blog and you all, that didn't mean you weren't in my thoughts!
With the wonderfully warm and sunny weather, I've been away from the computer and spending time outdoors and with friends.
The Challenge posed be me by my friend Marni I haven't forgotten either, I've been working hard to reach it, but doubt if I will make it - I will do my very best though!

In the evenings, when we haven't had company pop in, I've sat and stitched as much as I could.
I'm still really enjoying this sampler, even with the occasional glitch caused by the faults found in the original pattern, causing me to spend precious time taking out stitches instead of making them! Not matter, it gave the brain cells a workout....lol!

Here's where I've left off.....

...and speaking of workouts, that's another thing I've picked up whilst gone from here, going back to the gym, which is where I'm headed to now!

I also want to say a big thank you to all of you who sent such kind responses and encouragements!
I'll try not to stay away too long....


26 April, 2009

Blame it on the weather

I'm sorry I haven't been around, but me, my family, friends and fellow patiots have been enjoying the most beautful weather here! So we've taken the kites down from the attic and are giving them a full check up here at the Maas Vlakte beach near the Rotterdam Harbor.

-- Post From My iPhone

12 April, 2009

Easter morning

To those celebrating or just enjoying the long weekend, Happy Easter! We're in the Eastern part of Holland, enjoying the holiday with friends. Yes, I took my stitching with me and even managed to do some during a quiet moment yesterday morning. At the present time I'm enjoying a cup of tea in bed, and curious to see if this blog post I'm writing on my iPhone will end up for you all to read on my blog. It's also my way of giving the men who've already risen a moment to have a chat and enjoy their coffee alone.

That's my night table. New York Times Crossword puzzle, sunglasses, reading glasses (actally a substitute for my daylight lamp with the magnifier in the middle at home, used here in combinaion with my portable daylight lamp) Mala/prayer beads, and my Trollbead bracelet. The little tube of Blistex fell out of the frame, but it's always nearby...

Guess I've hung out here enough - I can ony lie in bed for so long before getting figdty, so while the rest of the girls are sleeping , I think I'll grab another few stitches before breakfast.......

How did you start your moring? However did I hope you enjoyed it!

-- Post From My iPhone

01 April, 2009

You Are the Sacral Chakra

You are open hearted and expressive. You let your feelings be known, without being too emotional about it.

You are very sensual and comfortable with your own sexuality. You are passionate and alive.

You feel inspired, happy, and creative. You are able to live the life you want without fear of judgement.

You have a lot of respect for yourself and other people. You never violate others' boundaries or let them violate yours.


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