25 July, 2011

time for a break...

A last walk in the cool woods with Darwin.

..and then it's off to take a trip to visit family and friends.

It seems New York City is having a heat wave.

Washington Square Park by Luis Sanz

Looks like fun, doesn't it? 
Taking some sewing with me to finish - hopefully they'll let me do some on the plane.

It'll be nice to take a blog break, and come back refreshed.  

09 July, 2011

Where are my followers?

Do you have this problem too?
My followers are gone, and although I've tried a few things, they haven't come back.

Checking out the Google forums where many people have addressed this problem - all advice didn't work.
Unless, it's just me who can't see the followers' list and you all can?

I've removed the followers list gadget , refreshed the blog, and placed it back - no go.
I went into the Friends Connect account and saved it - that didn't help either.

any ideas?

(..in the meantime, have a good weekend!..)

05 July, 2011

good wishes...

To Marcha whom I had the pleasure of meeting during the Blogger Day at the Quiltgebeuren!
She just opened a brand new little web shop, de Quilt Ster because there are no quilt shops in her area where she lives in the province of Zeeland.

I thought that was a really cool thing to do, so here's my little shout-out, to wish her all the best and
ask you who read this, to go visit her webshop and say "hello"! A little quilty-love can go a long way...

Good Luck Marscha!

03 July, 2011

Blogger day...

A day where bloggers, blog readers and non-bloggers could get together, connect, and do all sorts of quilty things!  Janine hosted this day at her shop Atelier Quiltgebeuren.  It was really cool to meet the quilters behind the blogs.  I helped by manning the beautiful Jasmine quilt frame and demonstrating hand quilting, for those who have never used such a frame.
As always, it's so energizing to meet new quilters, exchange ideas and admire each other's work.
A few moments:

making a covered button

pincushion workshop

stash building...

focused stitching

sweets are never far...

All in all a wonderful day.  
Thank you so much Janine, for being such a wonderful hostess!  
...and yes, I forgot my fabric!  ...but I'm sure it's in a safe place...;-)


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