25 January, 2013

22 January, 2013

first 2013 finish...

Yep, it's been a long while since blogging, but the hiatus was good and needed.
The fingers did stay busy and here's the sampler that Jovita and I created for my beginner's quilting class.  Check out her blog for two different versions she's been making of this same quilt.  

The colors were so unlike anything I've used in a quilt before, and I think it has set the tone for me as to how I will look at fabrics from now on.  

This quilt was hand-pieced and hand-quilted.  The fabrics, the colors were just so cheerful and really made me smile every time I worked on it.
It was also the first time I really enjoyed hand quilting as well.  I just stopped fussing and fretting about every stitch having to be perfect and got on with it.  It just got better and better, and easier and easier.

As for the rest of the year - no real quilting resolutions made, except that I'll be finishing up a bunch of UFO's and adding only one new project to the list.  
This was so much fun to do though, that it will be hard not to make another sampler....!


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