25 November, 2011

Mariner's Compass in progress...

Strange sunlight today, so the colors don't come close to the actual quilt, but here it is anyway.

The idea was to put a nice wide border around the blocks and call it a quilt top, but now I've thoughts of making a dense, leafy applique border around it, using the same cream solid background fabric as used in the compasses.  What kind of border, leaves, flowers, I still have to figure out.  Looking for good sources of where to find ideas.
It's nice to have made a quilt out of mostly scraps out of my bin, but mostly I'm proud of the flat blocks!

For now, I'm off stash diving to collect fabrics for my Dresden plates......

24 November, 2011

after the workshop...

Remember the Spiderweb Workshop I gave?  Well, some of my students were kind enough to send me photos of their completed ( or almost completed) tops.
The rest are still working on theirs...

Gerda's Spiderweb

Gerda did mention to me that she had changed the look of her quilt, and would be sending me the changes as son as they were completed.  I still like the random feeling of this quilt and the warmth the pinks/reds give.

 Heleen's Spiderweb

Heleen's quilt is very different!  Bright colors surrounded by a cool blue plain fabric.
It reminds me of spring and pick-nicks in the park.  Last I heard there may be a border
made to trap the webs ....

Well done ladies!  I'm so enjoying your progress, and can't wait to see the end results!

22 November, 2011

morning mist...

I enjoy my morning walks with Darwin.  

Yesterday was quite special. 
 A heavy mist surrounded us.
It was cold, damp, but above all, very quiet. 

 Even the birds were silent.....

I think we both enjoyed that walk.

06 November, 2011

World Championships Squash 2011

Could have stayed home and spent a lovely afternoon with my quilting friends at the Camelot Bee,
Could have spent the evening getting the the end of my Mariner's Compass blocks,
Instead I went with Mr. Between Stitches to the World Championships Squash in Rotterdam held in the very lovely Luxor Theatre. ( bad iPhone photos to follow)

(star dancers...who, once in the box, couldn't get out...)

The thought crossed my mind to take some sock knitting with me....but I couldn't find the one I was working on.  I even thought about taking some hand stitching with me, but that didn't last as the lighting would be bad,

( blindingly fast games...)

I gently suggested that perhaps he'd like to go with one of his squash buddies, who really understood the game ( to me it was merely fly swatting in a box) but the tickets were bought with me in mind, wich included evening of dinner and spending time - just the two of us....

(entertainment during the break.....)

So I armed myself with tic-tacs and rolls of salty licorice, and settled in my seat, took a breath,
and ended up getting into this incredible game of skill, speed, stamina, and strategy, and had a fabulous time! I was calling shots, and hooting and cheering with all the rest to the pleasant but quizzical surprise of Mr. Between Stitches.   He beamed, happy, and I think I've earned quite a few brownie points....(wink!)

What do you think?  shall I offer him to join me at an afternoon Bee, followed by a romantic dinner?  
Would that work?  Ok, I'll wake up out of that dream now....


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