27 January, 2009


Happy Day!
My first finish for 2009....

I'm very pleased with how this sampler came out, and how much fun it was to stitch.
This is the first sampler I've ever completed! I've used the word "completed" but actually it's not really done yet, is it? Now the question is: Do I frame it myself or have it done? Do I display it with glass, or without?
In France, at shows and in shops, I've noticed that the works are framed, but no glass is used. Many I've asked prefer it that way because they feel it brings out the relief in the stitching. I found it very pretty as well.
So, any advice, comments and experiences with this would be greatly appreciated!

In the meantime, since we're still in the middle of re-doing our attic, and my sewing room is being used as a temporary storage room, I'll be "forced" to stick to stitching until the work upstairs is done. All current quilting projects are machine sewn ones, and there's no way a mouse can squeeze through the stacks of boxes , let alone quilt in peace!

So for today, I'll be going through some works in progress and see which one will get some attention...perhaps Ann Grimshaw?

16 January, 2009

almost there!

Hoi! (as we say here in Holland)

The weekend has begun!  I started to write this post yesterday, but completely got side-tracked and forgot about it until now.  The reason for the distraction?  I've been playing with a DSLR (digital reflex camera) that I'm thinking of buying.  I get to test run it this weekend, so want to take every opportunity to do so.
But even though I'll be playing with a camera for most of the weekend, I did manage to make some progress on Hannah!

I'm so very pleased with how this is turning out - I'm just about done with the little pyramid, and will be starting the last two motifs this evening or tomorrow - stitch up the letters, and who knows, next week I may present my first finish of the year 2009!

Have a creative weekend!

09 January, 2009

Happy Friday!

Want to share some more progress on Hannah Beeby - had less time to work on this sampler, as I've been making a dent in clearing and cleaning out the attic, box by box.
Priority being my stash and making sure that nothing gets tossed out "by accident"! Bags and boxes of wool fleece, yarns, old fabrics, crafty "things" and gadgets, etc. Some of you may have done this and know what a task it is!
Next are books, magazines, CD's, vidoes, clothes and coats....pffft!

It probably looks much worse than it seems, and one always seems to create more mess while going through the process, but I just keep telling myself, it's all for a good cause: having a really nice attic to relax in, lounge, host friends and guests.

But here's a picture of Hannah's progress....

The three large hexagons are now done!
My only grumble about this pattern is that it's broken up into sections, and it's a bit of a fiddle to make sure you continue properly from one page to the next. I managed upon advice from a friend to tape some together, but not all of the pages line up ( I made copies for myself - I didn't tear up the pattern book) making it tricky to follow. Other than that, it's basically smooth sailing.

Since the beginning of this year I haven't touched anything quilty - just focused on Hannah, but tomorrow that will change. Together with some friends, old and new, we'll be spending the day together, visiting quilt shops, lunching and quilting at my house.
I've made a new year's resolution that finishing existing projects would be the priority, leaving myself only one gift quilt to make (promised months ago), and one new quilt project for which I'll be picking up the fabrics for tomorrow.

So there you have it! I'm heading back up into the attic, and wish you all very good and creative weekend!


02 January, 2009

good progress...

Hi Ho!
Hope you all had safe and happy Holiday celebrations! We enjoyed being with friends and family, are slowly recovering from all that eating and socializing and getting back into the normal rhythm of life. School starts on Monday again, the house will be quiet, and it'll be good to pick up quilting projects lain aside for a few weeks, as the sewing room became the place to wrap and store presents temporarily...lol!

I'm surprised myself, but did manage, between all those social commitments to get (for my doing) quite a bit of stitching done and share it with you now:

I'm telling you, this sampler is practically stitching itself!
It's really become one of those projects you stay up later for to work on, or get up in the morning for to do a few stitches before breakfast. It's still a mystery why, but hey - I'm not not complaining!

Well, it's another short post, but it's time to walk Darwin, and watch the ice skaters on our now frozen lake in the park. And upon my return, before I can sit down to work on Hannah, I've just got to have a go on our new WaterRower. It was the family Christmas gift. Better for your health than a new flatscreen tv, no?

take care,

01 January, 2009

Happy New Year!

For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.

-T. S. Eliot


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