26 June, 2008

triangles quilt

The phone rang all day, and I spent half the morning chatting with my friend on Skype (she lives in France), but still managed to get something done.
I dove into the stash my friend Mieke gave me and found lots and lots of charms packs!
I have a bunch of my own that have been lying about, so what to do with them?

This is what I came up with.

A simple quilt made up of half-square triangle blocks. Easy, quick to do on the machine, and there's (hopefully) enough muslin to complete the project. Since I chat with my friend in Paris a lot, and the computer is in my sewing room, I can talk to her and sew these little blocks at the same time. Sounds good, right?

This was a quick post, and it's time to walk the dog!


Heidi said...

That is great that you have a computer in your quilt room. It is nice to be able to continue sewing while you talk. That helps get things done. Love all the rose fabrics you are using. I will look forward to this taking shape. But in the meantime, there is nothing like seeing this kind of photo with its blocks and pins, cutting accessories and snippets. Pure heaven! I hope we can do our true confessions of UFOs soon. I can be ready to do it already next week if you can?

Hugs and have a great weekend ~

Heidi said...

Hey Heidi!
The computer normally is in the guest room, but one day I realized that I wasn't getting much done if I was behind the computer talking to friends, so I brought it in the sewing room! Now I can listen to music, or Podcasts, and chat with friends on video with Skype - AND get work done!

So you like my messy table huh? oh boy! after that block I had to vacuum everything! Oh well - it's part of it all, isn't it?

Next week sounds good. I still have company, so if we can do it the end of teh weekend, that would be great!

many hugs in return and you have a wonderful weekend too!


Kim said...

An interactive sewing room is what you have there, lol, always good to have some quilting company! You points are perfect! Must be the influence of good company. :)

Heidi said...

Hey Kim!
Thank you! I always have this feeling that I'm not doing it right - I guess it's because I don't feel in complete control when using the machine. But it's good practice! Indeed, it's fun to have good company when sewing, although when you're chatting things can sometimes go awry..lol! Oh well, it's all part of the fun, isn't it? :-))))


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