11 June, 2008

practice makes ... the worry less

I was planning on some stitching today as I'm very pleased with how Ann Grimshaw is coming along, but the red & white log cabin is laying rolled up in the guest bedroom waiting...

So I dug up some muslin and scraps of batting and started to practice quilting by machine.  It's not really quilting though is it?  It's basically stitching through three layers of fabric.  So, I stuck on my "stitch-in-the-ditch" foot on my Pfaff which has never been used even though it's been part of my sewing arsenal for over a year, asked the heavens to smile upon me and...it's easy!  Ok, so you have to go slower, use a bigger stitch size and at the beginning take your time taking the first stitch back and forth three times to anchor it.  Take a deep breath, relax, and let the machine do it's thing!

Thought it would be a big learning curve, but admittedly, it wasn't as bad as it seemed.  Visions of my machine eating fabric, bunching threads, bending needles....all for naught.  Silly rabbit!  

I'll finish up this little block just to get the feel in my fingers and then pull out the quilt - or perhaps I'll make a sample log block and practice on that to see what it will look like?  Depends on the amount of patience and confidence I have.  
Now that the mountain has been made into a molehill, it's time to take a break and have a nice relaxing walk with Darwin.  

See Ya!


Rhonda said...

Great job! I knew you could do it.

Heidi said...

Hi Heidi! It is looking really great. You could turn this into a potholder or coaster when it is done to remind you of your practice. :) Now speaking of log cabin quilts...my current UFO I picked up was a small log cabin quilt and I am having fun doing the hand quilting on it. I hope to finish it by the start of next week so I can grab yet another quilt UFO. 2008 will be the year I reduce the UFOs as you would be shocked at how many I have.

How was your walk with Darwin?

Hugs ~

Karin said...

Hi Heidi! Your Ann Grimshaw is looking great already. Mine is still in my stash. Question..what is the top layer of your quilting called? With those lines I could even sew a straight line with my machine :-)

greetings from a Dutch living in New Jersey!

Heidi said...

Thanks Rhonda! Let's see how this goes - then I may try (gasp!) curves! lol!

Heidi said...

Hey Heidi! My walk with Darwin was very nice! Even brushed him in the park and on the way back spotted some birds grabbing his fur for their nests!

I can't wait to see your log cabin - I know about UFO's - there are a few lurking in the depths of my closet, but I hope to get them organized and start working on them. My favorite quilting shops have already missed me but I told them I'm on a self imposed moratorium for fabric; except when needing materials to finish a project.

if I can get organized, I'll post my UFO's - we can feel guilty together! LOL

Heidi said...

HI Karin! Thank you! There's something about this sampler that makes it hard to put down. About the lines on the practice piece: I believe it's called a trellis. Indeed, you can just do this on your machine, because it's straight lines-plain and simple. I drew the lines just for the practice. The real thing will be to stitch in the ditch, so stay tuned for how that'll go!

It's great to hear from a fellow country-woman! By the way, I'm a New Yorker! Lived in Princeton for a while too.


Barbeeque4 said...

The Log Cabin Quilt looks great!!!


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