16 June, 2008


new additions to my pattern collection....
all by Carriage House Samplings

The Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow

Sweet Humility

Willow Tree


Heidi said...

Happy Wednesday Heidi! Hope yours is happier than mine as I had bad news from a dentist this morning followed by going to physical therapy. Rewards of the day? Friend coming over soon so we can sit with a pot of tea and our handwork all afternoon. Anyway, I am really busy this week so wondered if we can do your UFO confessions next week or so? I will email you more about it later.

I love your latest stash additions! They are all three really great patterns and I am sure it will motivate to work hard to finish one project so you can start a new one.

Hugs ~

Heidi said...

Hi Heidi! and a happy Wednesday to you too! Sorry to hear that the dentists' visit didn't go very well - at least you can be cheered up a bit with your stitching afternoon! Of course we can move up the UFO confessions! They're not going anywhere..lol!

As for the new patterns, I have some more I got earlier, but forgot to post them. At the moment, I"m charging up the camera so I can post a picture of my red & white sampler that is getting my attention for the next two weeks, it's so large, it's not going to be easy to get a good shot!

I'm really tempted to get started on the HoHRH, but need to get the linen and silk first. I"m still not sure what count to use, I've never done anything smaller than 14 count.

So let me get this shot, so I can get back to the fun of stitching!



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