10 June, 2008

a little pride

Holland wins 3-0 against the current World Champions Italy

Hup Holland, Hup!


Joni said...

Congrats on the win! My daughter (the certificaly insane sports nut) was here over the weekend and I got to see some of one of the soccer games. All these pretty men running back and forth and getting all sweaty .... Oh my!

And thank you for tempting my friend Heidi with all those lovely acorn charts.

Joni said...

OOPS!!! I meant the CERTIFIABLY insane sports nut. Perhaps I should preview the comment first...

Heidi said...

Hi Joni, haha! You are to funny - I think you're the nut! LOL!

And about tempting Heidi - that certainly wasn't my intention - I just wanted her to know that she was on my mind when all these nuts kept showing up! But hey - what's a little teasing amongst friends? :-)

Oh and by the way - Sweden V. Greece is playing now , pretty nice eye candy! :-)) You gotta make the best of it for these three weeks - haha!


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