28 July, 2008


My dear friends,

We're back!  

Had a fabulous time in Umbria, met wonderful people, made new friends, ate food fit for the gods, enjoyed beautiful architecture and art, and swam with our dog for the first time.  The colors of the land, villages and towns inspired me, and Italy made a coffee drinker out of me!

Just have to unpack, get things back on track and I'll be posting again soon.
In the meantime, hope you will enjoy this snap of a sunflower taken early in the morning during a walk in the fields with Darwin...



Rhondee said...

That sunflower is breathtaking! I look at it and feel soothed and peaceful.

Heidi said...

Vacations can lead your quilting to new places. I have come home from France and created a quilt from a moment sat in a garden at an abby. I see that garden again when I see the quilt. It is hanging in my living room now. You can see a glimpse of it on my home and garden blog: http://celebratetheseasons.blogspot.com/2008/07/be-it-ever-so-humble.html

Hugs ~

Kim said...

Whew! That vacation passed by quickly. I can smell the coffee...sigh. So nice!

Carol R said...

Lovely sunflower pic!


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