06 July, 2008

dog food and toilet paper...

Spent the day getting organized for our trip to Italy. The end of this week we're headed off to the province of Umbria, to a farm not far from Perugia. The car is cleaned and configured, for DH, myself, DD and her friend, and Darwin our Golden Retriever. Maps are in place, and the route is determined. It's going to take us about 13+ hours and almost 1400 Km to get there from the Netherlands, through Germany, Switserland and so into Italy. That's not counting rest stops, pee stops, eat stops, getting lost or the very likely chance of hitting one of the many road works that always seem to happen during the summer all over Europe. Even though we have a roomy car, we've had to get a roof rack and ski box for additional packing space since Darwin will need at least half of the space in the "trunk". He'll be sharing it with the cooler.

So you can guess there's not much handwork happening here lately, though I did get some stitching done today for the first time in many days. My quilting has halted too as I used up all the muslin for the triangles quilt and after digging around in my closet found another piece well short of a yard. At least it can keep me going for a bit.
I'l probably cut it all so there will be some to get started with as soon as we return. At least I'm using up stash!

Then there is that all-important matter of " the holiday project". What to take along? Hmm, well, I think Ann Grimshaw will come as the needlework project, but I"m still not sure what to take for the quilting project. The hexagons? Another search for UFO's in the closet is in order. There will be lots to do and see while there, but hey, you never know! I've knitted whole pairs of socks in the car and regretted not bringing an extra ball of yarn to start another!

Ok. Enough procrastination. Back to cutting muslin.......


Heidi said...

I am going to miss your posts! How long will you be gone? You might find some great inspiration while away. I think up quilts when I am away.

Hugs ~

Heidi said...

Aww, thank you Heidi! I'm going to miss posting! I'll be gone for two weeks. I always get inspired when traveling - who knows what quilts or needlework will come out upon my return? LOL!


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