09 July, 2008

hexagon stack

Clothes are packed, well, lying folded on the bed, toiletries packed, food and drink for in the car packed, well, waiting on the dining room table....pfffft!

But wait... where are my priorities?  My handwork!

Here's a stack of little 3/4 inch hexagons ( prepared weeks earlier ) ready to go, plus the transition gold color that will come next in the row from yet another stash of charm packs.  Together with the Ann Grimshaw sampler, my iPod and a good book (never leave home without one!)  it should keep me occupied, especially if we get stuck on the road as we've just heard that there can be a long wait of up to two hours at the Gottard tunnel...joy!


Heidi said...

Yikes! Two hours wait to drive through the Gottard tunnel? That will not be fun. My first thing I pack for my weekends is my handwork bag. You can never forget that or a book! I will look forward to seeing what you have accomplished while you are away.

Hugs ~

Heidi said...

Well, if we're unlucky that may be the case - if we're lucky it'll only be a few minutes. Actually I wouldn't mind - a good time to stretch, walk the dog, meet fellow travelers, and most importantly, make a few stitches! I"ll be taking Tumbling Block with me to read by Earlene Fowler - nice fun summer reading.
Promise to show you everything when I get back!



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