08 July, 2008

making do...& sampler progress

This is my way of procrastinating... (when I should be doing other things in the house)

Dug deep and found yet another bit of muslin to use for the triangles quilt.  Here a stack of blocks and the freshly cut muslin squares waits assembly into the larger 5 x 5 blocks.  They will be waiting for me upon our return from holiday.

It was also the turn of the red & white sampler to be worked on.  Didn't have much chance to do much stitching on it, but here are some photos...not the best, but it's pouring rain here at the moment so the lighting is not that great.  I am however, enjoying the sound of the rain and watching it stream down my window...

numbers and the letter "W"

the letter "V"

shy leo

He almost got caught up in the swirls of the letter "S" above him by one stitch!  More than once I contemplated taking him out, but threw caution to the wind and lucky for him, all ended well.

Ok, back to doing chores in the house...
Hope the weather is better where you are!



Carol R said...

Beautiful redwork sampler!
Have a great trip

Heidi said...

Nope! Rain here in Amersfoort too Heidi. But like you, I don't mind. I did just a tiny bit of stitching today and had planned on spending most of the afternoon on it. I got a phone call to come to a friend's house and that was that. :) You know those days I am sure. I love the photos of your progress on your red and white sampler. It is just so beautiful! Will you take it along with you on holiday? I pack my hobby bag first usually when we go away ~ LOL! It is the most important after all.

The jar of snippets is increasing. What a great photo. I love seeing photos like this with all the hard work evident. Are you taking any quilting along on holiday too?

Hugs ~

Heidi said...

Thank you Carol! Just hoping the traffic won't be too bad....

Heidi said...

Hey Heidi!
My first thought was to take this sampler with me, but it's really big and since it's not a pattern, I'd have to take too many books with me in order to choose the next motif from. I'll be packing my hobby bag today, taking a quilting project and a needlework project with me. I'll have them in the car so that I can work on them just in case we need to wait 2 hours in front of the Gottard tunnel....LOL!

The jar of snippets is an old Maille mustard jar that I keep next to my sewing machine. It's fun to watch the snippets grow, a testament to progress!

hugs back at ya,

jenclair said...

The red work is lovely, and I've enjoyed my visit...but I've really got to quit feeding the fish!


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