15 December, 2006

last thoughts on baby log cabin

The baby arrived yesterday late in the so the quilt will go to it's new home tommorow. His name is Mattia - here he is, 1 day old - a wonderfully original name for a baby boy!

It's funny, in the past I wouldn't have dreamt of giving anything I made away to anyone! Now I seem to have changed. Couldn't really explain why, I'd have to have a good think about it. When I do make something for someone, it's for someone special, someone close to my heart, and it's because I found something to create that I feel would speak to and please both them and me. I put so much energy into creating something for someone, I want that energy to be positive for both of us. There's nothing worse than working on a project that drags along, frustrates, or just plain doesn't "flow". That doesn't mean it has to be easy or simple, on the contrary, I've done very complicated things that have demanded every ounce of focus and presicion, that had given me more pleasure and satisfaction than I had ever expected! As a matter of fact, those are the "meditative" projects, works that make me go to a quiet place, a place of focus, a place where everything falls away and there's nothing else but my hands that create...

Perhaps it's the process that's most important to me. Oh yeah, I grumble about things that go wrong or delay a part of the making because I just don't like to do it (like sandwiching a quilt, or cutting hundreds of pieces of fabric, when I just want to sew)

I always considered it a strange feeling, that feeling of detachment when a project was finished. There are some things I've never completed, probably because I didn't want to let go of them, like slowing down my reading because I didn't want that book to end!

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