06 December, 2006

home-stretch panic

knotting log cabin, originally uploaded by Monkicat.

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

Spent yesterday knotting like the Mad Hatter - it just dawned on me that the baby is due next week on the 16th!!
I thought to have enought time to work on a basket and some other baby gifts, but realized that the quilt has to be finished so I know exactly how much fabric is left. The binding is going to be made up of all of the left over brown fabric, so I can't dip into that yet. This means I can't work on the smaller projects until this one is complete. Got side tracked cutting muslin for the cathedral widows, and couldn't resiste making a few squares....

Usually knotting is the fast way of putting a quilt together, and I chose this option because the log cabin with it's jersey (tricot) backing is too cumbersome to quilt. The stitches would have ended up too big and I think a not very good addition to the quilt. It wouldn't have been completed on time- not an option! Taking a look at my work last night, I wasn't sure about the effect the knotting had either! It crossed my mind to take it all out and try the quilting.....it's no fun being unsure about a project, but part of the creative process, I guess.

Must focus.....must finish.......must knot.......


Kate said...

The knots look lovely, and with so many to do I can see why it's taking you so long!

Bernice said...

The knots do look lovely. Once the quilt is finished, you'll be pleased with the knots -- they'll add more texture to the quilt. When the baby is a little older, the twisted knots will be little points of interest for him. Knot away, my friend!!


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