11 December, 2006

home-stretch panic..no more!

I'm doing a Snoopy dance!

This morning I finally finished knotting the log cabin quilt! Yippee!
Now, for the rest of the day, I'll be cutting strips of fabric to make the binding with. Instead of purchasing seperate fabric for it, I decided to use up all the dark fabric - hope I have enough - to make the binding. It'll have a scrappy effect, but I'm hoping it'll frame the quilt well.

Making the binding is the true home stretch for me. One of my favorite parts of making a quilt is when I get to sit down and sew the binding down onto the back of the quilt. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment for having completed another project, with thoughts of looking forward to working on a new or exsisting project.

well, back to the cutting table!

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