24 September, 2011

seeing spots....

I've made a good start on the "Got Dots" quilt.
After preparing a stack to take with me to St.Marie-aux-Mines, and working on them in the evenings,
I've finally got 10 done out of the 20 I'm making of this block.

Yes, I know, they are wonky, but that's how daughter wants them.  She liked the organic/imperfect look of the original quilt, so even though I'm using paper pieces to shape the dots, I'm not getting too exact when stitching them down.

The preparation and stitching of the first two blocks was a bit fiddly and took a bit getting used to with those 3/4' circles, ( making me wonder what I had gotten myself into!) but it picked up pretty quickly, and now they've become addictive to make!
Another fun side effect of this project is that I'm now building a collection of applique threads.  It's great to see all the different colors in my basket, and soon they will have to have their own home...
Any good ideas about storing threads?

Here's a quick picture of the blocks so far:

Out of the scrap bin:

 Well behaved dots!.......

Now for a bit of a change, and work on sorting and prepping the heart blocks for this quilt today.
It would be nice if I could get some done and put aside for evening stitching, and pick up my other projects that have been neglected this summer....


jen said...

Hello Heidi.The dots look great and hard to make being so tiny.I love the colour selection you are choosing.
Will look foreward to seeing the finished quilt

Una said...

Oh, my - this is going to be an unbelievable beautiful quilt! Such lovely colors! I hope that the dots aren't contagious;) The background is just right - makes it very harmonious! Thank you for sharing:)

Jovita said...

oooh Helen, your dots are just gorgeous! They are really rather addictive aren't they? I am absolutely love your color combination.

Silvana said...



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