15 September, 2011

Day one...

A beautiful sunny day, and the Quilters are coming from all directions!
Wasn't planning on doing it all in one day, but I completed most of the shopping list, most importantly, my shiny new silver Roxanne's thimble. I found it a bit odd to walk around with my iPad taking pictures, so forgive me for the simple shots.

Tomorrow, if we can avoid popping into the shops, we'll begin visiting the exhibits. The one I'm most looking forward to is the Anette Gero lecture! I have the book she wrote on Australian quilts, and am excited to see her in person and the Wagga-Wagga quilts as well.

Short report, I know, but my poor feet and rest of my body is begging for bed.

I'll try to make more sense next time....

- iPad Reports

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the quilts, I just saw the Annette Gero Quilts here in Melbourne Australia


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