16 September, 2011

Day Two...

Slept in and took our time with breakfast and getting ready for the day. Why? It's what's needed when you spend until late in the night eating, stitching and laughing until your tummy hurts!

We had to pop into the shops to pick up a "few" things, namely, fabrics. Wil and I were looking for fabrics mostly for current projects, Diana to build stash, and Janine was also looking to add to her project stash.
She's also started making dots after she fell in love with my prepped blocks.

Books are an important part of a quilter's reperatoire, so we spent some time at the book shop:

If you keep nosing around long enough, you'll find a book you love and for me it was the 1776 Quilt. Lots of inspiration and great ideas!
After the books and fabrics, and lunch on the little green, we went off to check out some expos:

My favorite of which was the Wagga-Wagga quilts that showed in the same building as Edyta Sitar's beautiful creations.
Annette Gero was there as well, and it was wonderful to meet her!
I already have her book, and the very last three she had were for Janine, Diana and Wil. Signed, of course! Tomorrow we will go to her lecture. Even though she's giving a tour of the quilts this evening, tomorrow's lecture will be more in-depth, she said.

The quilts hanging here are also to be seen in the book:

I'm wiped out, but oh, the fun!
It'll be nice to sit down with a cup of tea and let the day settle in my memory tonight with stitch work in hand...

The connection is really weak here, so I hope I can post....

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Jennifer said...

Wow, it all sounds so wonderful! This weekend near here is the Midwest Wool Festival, one of my all-time favorite shows/markets. A bit expensive, but an amazing selection of hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns, other fibers, sheep exhibits, spinning wheels, knitting needles etc.


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