30 September, 2011

enough dots...for now...

The next seven dots blocks are prepped and ready to be stitched down.  This set is so diverse, I'm wondering if they won't be too chaotic in the quilt?  I guess I'll let daughter be the final judge on that - after all, the quilt is for her....

It's so much fun jumping into the bin and pulling out not just bits of scraps, but lots of memories as well!
How is it that I remember when and where I bought that bit of fabric and the friends I was with, even the weather is was, but I can't remember where I put my favorite Moroccan scarf?

Anyhow, here are some pics:

This is really one of the coolest projects I've worked on and am enjoying every moment!
But now that these fellows are prepped, I think I'm going to continue prepping blocks for the Beyond the Cherry Trees quilt.  It's waited way to long..

Now to go and enjoy some sunshine with Darwin..
Have a great weekend!


Ruth said...

Those blocks are beautiful - so inspired!

Dawn said...

These are really beautiful!
What a fun variety of fabrics too.

Diana said...

wat zijn ze toch mooi geworden zeg. Ben heel benieuwd hoe de quilt gaat worden


Rose Marie said...

Love your version ..... it is so interesting to see how we all differ with the same pattern.


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