03 August, 2008

saturday before breakfast

A nice walk early morning yesterday with Ro and Darwin.

everything is so lush and thick..

Our furry fish!

Darwin: "aww, do I have to get out already?"
Me: "yes, before you turn in to a furry prune..."

Love walking in these cool woods
Makes for a great start to the day!


Heidi said...

I agree about walking in the woods. Cranberry Cottage where we spend each weekend is on the edge of the woods and I can sit and stare through the trees for hours. I love sitting in the garden there while I never use our garden here in the city. Too many people and far too much noise.

Hugs ~

dineke said...

Woods are great to have nearby. I love your dogpictures. We have a GR too, but he hates to swim, crazy dog.

Heidi said...

Hi Heidi! I love my walks with Darwin - it's a pleasure watching him enjoy his swims! Sometimes I bring back large branches with interesting shapes to use to hang my quilts off of. We leave them to dry out before preparing them. I have a small collection now waiting for quilts...

Heidi said...

HI Dineke! Thank you for your comment! I can't imagine a GR that doesn't swim! The ones that live in our neighborhood are always in the water, sometimes to the great annoyance of their owners, especially when they take their dog out for a quick pee before getting into the car to go somewhere and he or she jumps into the water! Oh well - it's all part of the Golden Charm..LOL!

Kim said...

Your dogs are lucky ducks! Such a wonderful place to swim and walk. You are a lucky duck too!

lin said...



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