25 August, 2008

a quick project

Here's something I made quickly in an afternoon.  Recently I have begun to try to make small quick projects in between my normally big ones, so that I have the feeling of accomplishing something.  It's a simple pouch to house my soon to start Houses of Hawk Run Hollow in.  I find that if I have my things together, I tend to work on them more often.  So in this pouch I plan to just keep the pattern page and threads needed for each house, and leave the rest in my sewing room. 

This pouch was made from Japanese fabrics purchased a few years ago at the European Quilt Championships in Waalre, and some Japanese fabric squares lurking in my stash closet.  I'm still considering putting some sort of closure to cover the stitching on the front where I had to sew on the velcro.  
Here's the inside:

So now it's time to organize the threads, I think I'll just do it by block and add as I go along since I don't feel like spending the time preparing all the threads in one go!  Ok, call me lazy...LOL!

Well, now that's done, I can finally clear the space on my sewing table, put in a new needle and start quilting on my Red and White log cabin quilt - finally!  Wish me luck on that one  - I'm kind of nervous about it, but the practice of a little free hand quilting on this pouch has given me a wee bit more confidence to just go ahead and stop fiddle-faddle-ing and get right to it.  After all, I'll never know otherwise right?


Heidi said...

I understand being nervous at machine quilting. Good luck! I love your pouch! It turned out so nice and will be a joy to use I am positive.

I had already thought about asking if you wanted to see about getting together one day after your vacation. It sounds like your hands are full but maybe after your DH and doggie are recovered? How are they both doing?

Hugs ~

Heidi said...

Thanks you for the compliment Heidi! I spent this evening watching Ocean's 12 sorting the silks for the HoHRH project and cant wait to put the pouch to god use.
I would love to get together! Darwin is doing much better, and has healed up nicely, but still has to take it easy, and Ro is advancing as well, but that will take many more weeks before he's up and running. As soon as he's able to be more independent I'd love to spend the day!

hugs back,

Carol R said...

A beautiful pouch Heidi - a tiny piece of stitching would look great on the front - maybe your initials - you could edge it with nun stitch and just tack it on.

Heidi said...

A great idea Heidi! that'll be perfect!
Now, what's a nun stitch?


Anonymous said...


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