20 May, 2008

Ann or Hannah?

The red and white sampler isn't done yet, and the idea was to just work on that one to get it done, but...the fingers are itching to start a new project!  The Ann Grimshaw  (1803) and Hannah Sauders (1818) are two samplers I picked up late last year together with a friend with the thought of kitting them up and working on the when my large red and white sampler was complete, but since I'm making good headway on it, and my stitching buddy is also ready for a new project to do together, it seems like a good time to begin something else.  Just for a change, you understand....lol!

What I'd really like to work on is the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler, but that one is no longer available and after several inquiries, the prospect seems bleak that I'll find a pattern.  A shame really, the original thread color would look great in my home.  
If any one knows how and where I could find one, please let me know!

Back to the samplers I do have - in a few days I should have not only two new patterns from the Ackworth School collection  ( Ann Trump and Rebecca Blake) but some samples of new linen to choose from.  I may just try working on 16 ct. linen instead of my comfortable 14 ct. Belfast linen from Zweigart and see how that feels.   As far as threads go?  Well although I read a lot about the different threads available, but I must admit I have no experience with anything else other than DMC.  I'm considering trying Au Ver a Soie for my new project.  Black?  Perhaps an off-black or slate color?

Who knows?  I just may want to start on Ann Trump and Rebecca!  Stay tuned!


Jennifer/OH said...

Hi,I came to your blog through "Quaker Inspired". Welcome to that group. I enjoy it very much and have a great passion for Quaker designs. Been craving those Ackworth patterns, but can't afford to get any right now. Part of my New Year's Resolution to not buy any stitchy-crafty stash for 6 months. OK, I've cheated a bit, but only on threads, not patterns.....yet.
I have not read all your posts yet, but it seems we have a lot in common and I will enjoy browsing through your blog.

Heidi said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the friendly welcome! I totally hear you about the temporary ban on buying patterns - I have the same thing with fabrics! As a matter of fact, I'm pretty much done with pattern buying for now - it's now time to get the stitching done! I hope to keep in contact and share our passions together!

Anonymous said...

You can purchase a pdf version of Beatrix straight from Jacquelyn at Needleprint. Just email her at information@needleprint.com, tell her you would like to purchase a copy and she'll put a few copies on ebay for direct purchase (no bidding wars). I think she was selling them at 17.50 US dollars. Please give her 1-2 days to respond as she is in England.

Heidi said...

Hi Anonymous!
I few weeks ago I did get the .pdf version of the Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler. The owner of a shop where I order patterns told me about it, so I took action right away. It was easy to order and indeed, I got the pattern within 24 hours! As soon as I complete one project I plan on starting the BP.
Thank you for the information!

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi, please can you tell me where I can purchase the Ann and Hannah samplers. My name is Ann and my daughter's name is Hannah and I have always wanted to do these samplers. Look forward to hearing from you. Your blog is WONDERFUL and I am so glad you joined the Klosjes Saturday! Thank you!

Heidi said...

Hello Ann, and thank you for your kind words! The Hanna Beeby sampler I bought here:

You may also join the blog where you can post your progress on the sampler here:


I can't wait to see yours!


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