26 August, 2008

what is a Wang Chung?

Hi Ho,

I'm sitting here bopping on my chair listening to my iTunes blasting at annoy-the-neighbors-level while quilting and suddenly Wang Chung's Everybody have Fun Tonight comes on. Gosh! where did that come from? How did that tune sneak in? So, I'm singing along, flashed back to old school MTV and those "wonderful" neon fashions of the day, wondering what it means to Wang Chung tonight? Dance, Attitude, Fashion? All of it? It's one of those Things That Make You Go Hmmm....
Well, I think I Wang Chunged a bit too much in my chair so now I'm forced to interrupted my regularly scheduled program of quilting and take out some stitching that went Wang Chung.

Wait, this quilting and listening to music is perhaps not a good idea. How am I supposed to Vogue and keep my stitches straight? This is just not going to work!
Hold on - Vogueing - be right with you.....

Sorry about that, where was I?
Oh yes - iTunes is so totally sabotaging my efforts to quilt with any seriousness, so you know what they say: "If you can't beat 'em, join em!!" Come on iTunes, bring it on! I throw down my glove, I accept your challenge! let's groove!


Myra said...

Love your red and white log cabin! Very nice! I will have to keep that in mind for future trials...
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Debra said...

What a beautiful log cabin quilt and the logs are so narrow! Yikes!

Heidi said...

thank you ladies!
I know the logs are thin, but I like them that way in this quilt. it just reminds me of peppermint sticks!

Kathie said...

LOVE the way this quilt is coming out
great idea for the quilting
It is awesome
keep sharing the pictures of it! It is inspiring me to make a red and white quilt.

Heidi said...

thank you Kathie! I promise to keep sharing my adventures as this is a first with machine quilting! I too am thinking about making another red and white quilt because of this one - there's just something timeless about them, don't you think?


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