08 August, 2008

SBQ of the Week: August 7, 2008

This week's SBQ was suggested by Outi
and is:

What do you do to your thread clippings? Do you just scrap them or do you use them in something else?

Interesting question!  Never thought about doing anything else with them except while stitching, pile them up on the edge of the couch (where I usually stitch) and then collect them all at the end of a session and throw them away.  On my sewing table I do have a large mustard jar, which has been reincarnated into a  snippets receptacle.

I have considered using the snippets that collect in there to add in stuffing, but it always takes so long before you've gathered enough!


marni said...

as long as they are short, you can put them out in the spring for the birds to use in nests. I did that one year with all sorts of silk and metallics from lacemaking and the magpies in our back yard had a nest that was the envy of all.

Kucki68 said...

I read somewhere that with either orts or snippets you could fill one of those clear plastic ornaments. Might be an idea.

Heidi said...

Hey Marni!
What a great idea! I don't know why I didn't think about it before: I brush Darwin in the park so that the birds can use his fur in their nests, so why not the thread bits?
thank you!


Heidi said...

Hi Kucki!
A very good idea!
I"ll look out for the ornaments when we get closer to "The Season". that should be very original to hang in the tree!


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