08 August, 2008

a knee, tattoos, jokers and Ann

Hey ho!  

It's past the Witching Hour, and therefore my bed time, so I'll be quick!
Things have been a bit hectic around here: Ro just had knee-surgery. Got new tendons after they tore off during a soccer match. Now he's bed-ridden and needs lots of coddling and care for the next 6 weeks (if all goes well). While he was under the knife, I was sat, waiting , iPod in my ears, and needle in hand working on my Ann Grimshaw sampler to pass the time. There's almost disappointingly little progress on this sampler, but here's a shot of it anyway:

I would've gotten more done, particularly when we were on holiday, but almost everything that I had stitched, which were the top row half-hexagons, had to be taken out because when Ro made copies of the pattern (so I could keep the original at home just in case), the very top line was missing!  It took me a while to figure out why they weren't working out -( please, don't say "duh" - it was hot over there! ), and when I did, had to spend quite some time ( with some @!&*-ing under my breath) to take it all out.  In the greater scheme of things in the universe, it wasn't such a big deal, I guess, but hence one of the reasons for the set-back.  Other reasons: other projects, preparing the house for the knee patient, and picking up yet more chores that would other wise be done by Ro.  At least it's for a good cause!

Also, while I was gone, a package came in the mail for me.  One of my quilting friends offered to have the package sent to her home, so it wouldn't get lost on it's last leg from the States to Holland.  This fabric is for a quilt, for a friend who just moved out of the parental home into his very first home.  He's a lover of Rock and Heavy Metal music, and his bedroom (where the quilt will be on the bed) is completely black.  He's a sweet-heart and good friend.  Darwin adores him (always a good sign!).  I could have made a quilt using different black fabrics (still can) but I happen to see this fabric and thought it could have potential - besides it's such cool fabric!

Since this friend of ours is also Ro's soccer team buddy, and that the boys often get together to play Poker, I thought this bit of fabric could be meaningful to work into the quilt as well...

I'm thinking of a strippy quilt - wide strips with solid stripes?  
Actually, I have no idea what I will do - all is open and swirling around in my head.  There's no rush for this quilt, so that a good thing!

Any suggestion?  I'd gladly hear them - I could use some ideas here!

I have more news to share, but that will be for a next post - It's past one in the morning and as is my usual ritual, still have some reading to do in The Historian.



Rhondee said...

Those fabrics are great. I think they need to be cut in big portions in order to see the designs. Hope that helps.

Heidi said...

I agree that you need large pieces to see them so wide stripes sound good. Now is Ro your son? Sorry for my ignorance as I have only heard you talk about a daughter up to now. Yikes on the knee! Hope it heals up very fast!

Have a great weekend dear Heidi! We will be off to Cranberry Cottage later today...

Hugs ~

Violet Naylor-Leyland said...

Where is the card fabric from (the blck with cards one)? I'm desperate for something similiar...


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