08 August, 2008

just in....

Drema from Needlecraft Corner just sent me this ( in three days it arrived, I might add! ):

The Au Ver a Soie silks and 32 ct. Pearled Barley from Lakeside Linens so I can start on yet another project, The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. This is a shot straight out of the well packed parcel...

Yeah, yeah, I'm late to the party; parusing the blogs I've noticed that many people have been working on it, have completed it or are on the Village of Hawk Run Hollow or The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow...but then again, I'm just a humble newbie and new to all of this!

No matter, the colors are luscious, and I'm chomping at the bit, but first things first.

1. help!  - always a moment of "panic" when starting yet another large project - why can't I ever do just little ones?

2. I've never worked with silks before - should be exciting!

3. How do I organize these threads? What are some of the best ways to keep them neat and tidy?

4. How do I figure out where to start on the linen?  I tend to start my works in the upper right hand corner - at least that's the way I'd like to do it with this pattern, and work my way from right to left, top to bottom.  This part always makes me nervous because you want it to be exact and not run out of linen.  Up until now, someone has always helped me with this, and the projects I've worked on were always on large pieces of fabric (ok - I've only been working on two pieces using only one color - the red and white and the Ann Grimshaw)

I've checked out my sparse library on the subject, but it looks like I'll have to "Google" a bit more and try some things out on my own.  

For now however, it's time to check out the repeat of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  I missed most of the live show on TV as I was off buying backing fabric ( I know, priorities!) for a quilt I'm making for my friend Mieke.  While watching I'll try to get some stitching done on Ann Grimshaw as well.

have a great weekend y'all!


Rhondee said...

Cool threads! I have no ideas on storing threads....Google is a great way to get ideas. Goood luck.

Carol R said...

Oh just look at all those AVAS silks - drool drool - you have chosen one of the best silks to start with!
I have just emailed you Heidi

Heidi said...

I have never used silks before so I cannot give you any advice. I only just started using overdyed when an online friend got me over my fear of trying them. Aren't those colors just beautiful!

Hugs ~

marni said...

Hey girl,

start your sampler from the middle and work out. Make sure you needle comes out beneath a thread going over next to it and above it. You don't have to do the entire thing from the center, just put one motiff there to count out from.

Working with silk, separate your plies and focus on keeping the thread untwisted so that the stitches will be fuller and shinier.

The historic samplers remind me of several that I have in the big pile of someday I will work on.

Are you loving the historian? It's about my all time favorite book on ipod. You would also enjoy, shadow of the wind by carlos zafran.

melting in the triple digit heat and longing for cool dutch weather so I can ride again.

Lily Boot said...

Oooh they look lovely - I'm a complete coward when it comes to embroidery floss and only ever use DMC - on Aida cloth no less! But, I am plodding along with the Village of Hawke Run Hollow myself - we must keep in touch so you can spur me on when I forget to keep stitching! Looking forward to seeing your work! :-)

Heidi said...

Hi Lily! I'm just as much of a coward as you are..LOL!
I've only used DMC floss up until now as well, but wanted to try something new. I will absolutely come and see you VoHRH and it'll be fun helping each other along this mammoth project!


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