23 August, 2008

finishes for a friend

Hi Ho!
It's a windy but sunny Saturday here in Holland. Actually, the  perfect kind of weather to hang out quilts and blankets to air.
After spending the morning doing some household chores and re-potting some needy plants in the kitchen, I've finally a moment to post some projects I've completed for my friend Mieke in time for her birthday next week.

As I had mentioned before, I received several boxes full of fabric and UFO's and what-not from Mieke and dug around to see what I could find. This was one of the first things I fished out of the boxes and decided to completed it for her. I believe it was intended for her grand-daughter, so now that it's done perhaps they can read books and snuggle under it together.

This one was from a kit we each bought together at the European Quilt Championships in Waalre a few years back.  I had already completed the top, and it was waiting in the closet for me to complete.  Mieke's kit was still intact, so to save time, I used my top, bought the backing and finished it for her.  I can always make it again using her kit.  I had already chosen backing, binding and batting for mine, so one of these days I'll get started on that as the baby rib fabric is wonderfully soft and makes for a great winter quilt.

Now that those projects are done I'll continue with the triangles quilt and try to get a start on the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.  I've been running around taking care of things and quite frankly have been too tired to settle down and sort threads and such and get started.  Perhaps tomorrow.  I need to figure out how to prepare the Au Ver a Soie threads to loop them around a hole in the proper lengths.  Anyone have an idea?  Any advice or tips are very appreciated!

Ok.  Time's up at the computer, and off I go!
Take care and see you soon!


Heidi said...

The baby quilt turned out so adorable. I love the floral quilt. Did I read it right that it is baby rib? I did a quilt with baby rib and silks and beaded/pleated fabrics from Moda. It is my next UFO and I want it done by the end of September. I don't think I will quilt it as I am afraid it will flatten the rib and I cannot quilt over the beads. I am going to tie it instead. Did you quilt this? I adore the backing fabric you used!!!

Hugs ~

Heidi said...

Thank you so much Heidi! Yes, you read correctly that it is baby corduroy. I chose to tie it for the exact same reasons you mentioned. I feared it would take away from the fluffiness of the quilt. If I would ever quilt with such a fabric it would only be in the ditch.
The backing fabric is form Thimbelberries and was on sale - I was very happy to have found it! Now let's hope that Mieke will like it....


lin said...



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