18 May, 2008

rip, rip, rip

Well, the top of my red and white log cabin is finally done, and where normally I'd be sandwiching and preparing to quilt, I'm obliged to go through the tedious step of ripping the Vlieseline off the back of the top.

Although the stuff has it's purposes and can be very useful in quilt making, I don't think I'll be using it again any time soon! To be fair, it made sewing the log cabin blocks easy, but the logs are 1 cm thick, and the blocks 15 cm, so it's a lot of bits to tear off. It seemed like a good idea at the time as I wanted to blocks to be tight and exact for the design, and the regular Vlieseline (that you can leave on) is blue, which showed through the cream fabric, so I couldn't use it for this project.

So today I've been ripping away, encouraged by the diminishing number of blocks left, and eager to get this baby sandwiched and ready to quilt. It's not all that bad: the extra step has given me some time to still consider how I will quilt this quilt. Will I stitch in the ditch by hand or stitch through the blocks with my machine? Yesterday I did buy Hobbs 100% cotton batting with the latter in mind, but I'm nervous about it to be honest. Any comments, tip and tricks are of course welcome!

But let me get back to tearing - just want to get this done!

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