30 May, 2008

first stitches...

It's a glorious afternoon here, after a very dark and rainy day.
What a better thing to do while it's raining cats and dogs than to start a new project?
Here's the start of the Ann Grimshaw sampler:

It doesn't look like much now, but hopefully it'll look like a sampler soon.
I would like to mark my progress on my blog, and have seen several on the blogs that I read: does anyone know how to do that? and if so, would you please tell me how?

Materials used:

S & S Linen - 14 count per cm/35 count per inch
DMC # 3010
golden #28 needles


Carol R said...

I saw this on the Quaker Inspired blog and just thought I come visit your blog.

It's a lovely start Heidi and I am looking forward to watching your progress.

Heidi said...

Why, thank you Carol! Your words encourage me and being part of Quaker Inspired with wonderful people like you will definitely keep me going!

Heidi said...

Hi Heidi! Just back from our weekend at Cranberry Cottage only to see your start of a new project. I love starting new projects so much that I have baskets full of things waiting for more attention. LOL! This is going to be a wonderful Quaker when it is done. Maybe it will inspire me to get busy on my Beatrix Potter Quaker once again. I really do want to get it finished. Love your fabric and thread choices!

Hugs ~

Rhonda said...

I know of a link to a great site that tells you all sore of thing to work on your blog....It's
If you can't find it..."E" me and I'll look it up and "E" you back.

Heidi said...

Good morning friends!

Heidi - Cranberry Cottage! Sounds like fun - would like to hear all about it! I'm excited about starting this project as well, and now that I'm exploring the world of cross-stitch, it'll be harder to focus on one thing at a time! I just got my hands on the Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler (ebay pdf), and boy, it's going to be hard NOT to touch that one!

Heidi said...

Hello Rhonda!
Thanks for the tip! I"m going to check it out right away and let you know if I can figure it out..LOL! all this blogging has turned me into the resident geek! Thank goodness my Mac makes life a bit easier..lol!!


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