17 June, 2007

a work in progress

I've been meaning to do this for some time now, but never got around to it. See here one the longest works in progress lurking in the closet:

'n Hollandse Schone or "A Dutch Beauty" A.D. 1790

This sampler has special meaning to me and was a catalyst for entering the world of quilting and later a serious re-entry into the world of cross stitch. Out of my mind with back pain and not wanting to keep taking drugs that left me fuzzy headed and, quite frankly worse, I felt driven to work with a needle. I just saw this pattern in the shop, gathered the threads and linen, got some beautiful golden needles and went to work. I can't recall now what made me put down this project, for I still think a stunning sampler, but somehow, this sampler got me into quilting, and 5 years later, to today, back to the little golden needles.

Later a specialist physician explained why I unconsciously abandoned the knitting needle in exchange for the sewing needle, and it all made sense. Sometimes I recall and feel a twinge of guilt for rejecting my knitting (a passion for most my life) so definitively, but as time goes by I feel less of it now that I've come to understand why. One day I may pick up my favorite Addis or Rosewood needles and go digging in my woolen stash, or even get behind my spinning wheel and enjoy the feel of soft Merino between the tips of my fingers, lulled my the soft sshhhh... of the wheel.

So wether or not this sampler will ever be completed, doesn't really matter, it has already served it's purpose in a way and I am very grateful to it for that. Yes, it would be a shame to leave it unfinished, but when the time comes, I'm sure it'll call me to it again, just like it did those 6 year ago...

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