29 June, 2007

SBQ friday june 22: The Choices We Make

This week from Kathryn:

When you start a new work do you look for something small, do you look for another huge project or do you consider your UFOs?

It depends. If I already have a large project up and running, I may consider a small project that I can complete in a short period of time. Then again, if there's something I'm really excited about,or very different from the current project, I'll start that, wether it's large or small.

As far as considering UFO's, well, they're UFO's for a reason, either there's a problem I'm not ready to figure out, or the project hasn't captured my fancy to continue with it....basically any excuse to just leave them be in the closet with the slight feeling of guilt that I've abandoned it, but with the hope of some day coming to it again.

All in all, the choice depends mainly upon whim. A choice made on Monday, may be different on Tuesday. Happily, I don't do this in other aspects of my life...I consider it a luxury to be a bit flip-floppy in my creative life...


The Carolina Quilter said...

The sampler is gorgeous and so is the dog. Is it a Great Pyrennese (sp?). My FIL has one that guards his goats.

Heidi said...

Hi and thanks!
To answer your question: Dariwn is a Blond Golden Retriever. I don't think they're that known outside of Europe, but it's a cream colored version of the Golden one. I love the Great Pyreneese - but they're just a bit too big!


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