20 October, 2008

a place for snippets

It's been a while, and it's been very quiet on my blog, but behind the scenes I've been sewing like a demon!  That, and well, helping to build a chapel and plan the music for a virtual wedding in Second Life for a good friend.
In between the larger quilting projects that I've been working on, some time was put aside to make some quick things, as you do, to maintain the feeling of accomplishment.

Here's a quick shot of a snippets dispenser made last week. My quilting buddy An and I get together on Wednesdays and once in a while, when the mood strikes us, we try out a new pattern. After making a paper version to check if we understood the directions, we each made one in practically no time at all! Now mine is hanging off the back of the couch, right in the spot where I love to curl up and sew.

Here's the Texas Star UFO that's next on the list: I finally found the right backing fabric for the sober, simple look that I want.  The "shot cotton" from Kaffe Fassett is a very nice compliment to the central star and points of this block.  As soon as the log cabin is done, this will be next in line - it will be hand quilted.  A nice cozy thing to do on winter evenings!

As for other news, I'm really excited about finally (after a 2 year wait!) taking a course to learn Boutis.  Perhaps one day I'll realize my dream of having that white on white quilt adorning the bed, a beautiful family heirloom.  I'll promise to do my best and take pictures to post to share with you!

...and thanks Heidi for the poke to post!  I was surprised myself that time had gone by so quickly, but I'm back, and will be with more regularity.  It's very nice to know I was missed...lol!
It's just that sometimes I get caught up in my projects, with total focus, and forget about the blog...it's that groove thing again!

have a happy Monday all!


corry said...

Your texas star is so pretty, I love this pattern. This quilt will be a real treasure. Have you decided yet on how you gonna quilt it?

Jane said...

I can totally relate - I finally put up a post today after several weeks of nothing! I wasn't nearly as industrious as you - though I am nearly (really truly) done with my "Fennel" Sweater!
Good to see you back!

Heidi said...

You're welcome! But I was honestly just worried you were sick with all the bad colds going around Holland right now. Glad you are not sick and good to see a post again. Love the thread catcher!

Hugs ~


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