01 October, 2008

half way there!

It's the half-way point for this quilt top.  18 blocks made, 18 to go.  Thought it time to have a look and see what it would look like...
It's darker than I thought it would be now that I've thrown some blocks on the floor  -  so I made make some lighter blocks to add in the mix.

Oh, and don't pay any mind to my blue sock and black sock.  The tootsies are warm, and on this stormy and wet day - that's all that counts!


Carol R said...

What a lovely quilt Heidi - I wouldn't mind snuggling up under that one day!

Odd socks are fine - I had two pairs of identical shoes except one pair was black and one pair navy and yes you guessed it I went into work one day wearing one of each. And I don't think anyone noticed!

corry said...

Heidi, it looks like this will becoming a beautiful quilt!

Nana's Quilts said...

Your triangles are very nice. I really think a colorful one patch quilt is so very nice - this is great.

Nana Marne

Kim said...

This is a lot of sewing, but so worth it. You are going to have a very charming quilt when you finish up. Good job! Nice socks...

Heidi said...

Now if you would not have said that you had on a blue and a black sock I would not have noticed or kept looking. Good sign I guess that you are too busy quilting to pay attention to getting dressed??? LOL! Gee now I can hear you laugh literally and it was fun to actually TALK to you the other day.

The quilt is really coming along great. It is looking really nice and I don't think it is too dark at all but then again, I love dark and rich colors. Have you decided to concentrate on only this for now or also doing some work on a UFO from your confessions?

Guess what? I almost have another UFO half finished. I am really excited to cross another one off the list next week. How great it would be to get all four done and yet even more before New Year's eve. Then I will really have a reason to open some bubbles! :)

Hugs and a great weekend ~

Jane said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I love it! It is really beautiful!
I would snuggle up under it no problem!
As for the socks... who cares... are your feet warm, are you happy, is all wonderful in your world! Heck -- I'd wear my pj's to work if I could! (Of course, it's probably why I can't get a date! LOL!)
Can't wait to see the finished product!
Hugs! Jane

Ellen said...

Wow Heidi,

the triangles are beautiful!


lily boot said...

Gorgeous! I just love the simplicity and elegance of this quilt. :-)

Karen said...

Wonderful triangle quilt. I'm about to start a small one myself.


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