21 September, 2008

still here....

Gosh, has it been that long?

No, I didn't go anywhere, I'm just in a groove right now, full-speed ahead sewing, making blocks for my triangle quilt, and knotting up the baby-rib quilt at night and finally catching up on those podcasts that are still from 2007!
Have you ever had that? Just got to work on something, you're in total rhythm, feeling the project, got it in your fingers, and don't want to stop? I got it now.


Rhonda said...

You go girl! Don't allow anyone to stop your forward motion. Take care and lock your sewing studio door....LOL

Heidi said...

Oh yes! And you are afraid to stop for breath for not wanting to break that rhythm. I know the feeling. It sounds like all is just perfect over in your little spot of Holland. I am sewing a binding on today and then I will have yet another UFO finished!!! I thought we could show our UFO confessions this week. How about it?

Hugs ~

Kim said...

I call it being "In the Groove"! I love that happy place where the pieces fly together, the colors all look good and all is right in my quilty world. Happy sewing and listening. Love those podcasts. :) Kim

Jane said...

I can so relate -- it's kind of where I am with my V-Neck sweater right now!
I find when I am able to completely focus on a task at hand - knitting, working, whatever - it really frees my mind. I can procrastinate on bathroom breaks, breathing, eating when in 'the groove'. Keep it up!

swooze said...

Yes I get it all the time and the housework goes by the wayside...not saying that is a bad thing! LOL!!



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