01 September, 2008

not much stitching goin' on...

on a lovely sunny Sunday, the last of August.
First, a walk in the park with Ro and Darwin. Ro is now allowed to stretch his legs and walk a little with help of his crutches.

Football season has begun and there they were, warming up for the first game of the season.

The new artificial field has just been put down and hasn't been used yet - just had to sneak up and feel it. Ro had told me that although it looks pretty, it's no fun to play on. It's hurts and burns when you make a slider, and for the goal keepers and the gymnastics they have to sometimes perform (or forget to perform) to keep the ball out of of the goal, they end up with some admirable bumps and bruises.
What literally caught my eye was the incredible glare that bounced off the field. That didn't seem very practical either. Still looked tight though - as new fields do....
Here's what it looks like close up:

Hey! wait up for us!

After a settling Ro back for lunch and a rest, it was time to go back out again, this time with my friend Chantal to take Darwin out for a swim. After taking a wrong exit and heading towards The Hague (north) instead of Zeeland (south), we finally arrived at the Grevelingen Meer.

The sun shone, the water was perfect, and Darwin was in his element.

It was a fine feeling to walk kneed deep along the shore in water of perfect temperature and play with him. He loved that we were with him in the water, and so we walked along the beach, tossing his dummy for him to catch.

Good boy!

It is so wonderful to watch him happy and in his element!
I told Chantal that I would really consider getting one of those high-waisted pants that fishermen wear, just so that I could wade in the water with him during the colder season.

So, that's why there's no guilt this weekend for done not a thing as far as handwork is concerned. I figure there'll be plenty of grey and rainy days to play catch up, no?

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piko said...

your Darwin is so cute! To swin in the water it must be so fun for him. Probably our dog Ten envy Darwin.:)


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