31 August, 2007

red & white inspiration

From my dear friend Marni who surprised me and delighted me with this wonderful birthday gift of red and white fabrics and luscious silk embroidery threads. Are you telling me to get back into the quilting saddle Marni? UFO's, what UFO's? they'll be put on hold yet again while I get stuck into this bundle of joy! Of course, I've been wondering what to make - a wall quilt - but what block? How to incorporate the threads?

I've always had a preference for traditional blocks and old quilts. Their simple design and surprising color combinations I've always found inspiring, and never boring. Narrowing it down to two blocks: the nine-patch and the shoo-fly, I thought of a simple quilt using the deep red for the block, and the light fabric for the background, mixing the background colors up. I may dig into my stash to find some bits of red and white/cream fabric to add to the background. In order to use the threads, I thought of making a cross-stitched border separately stitched on linen. I could stitch one border design, or different ones using elements in the fabric. My only wonder is whether, when sandwiched, the cotton batting would creep through the linen...?

Lot's to think about and muse over....
Any suggestions, ideas, comments, are of course welcome!

1 comment:

marni said...

Use them in joy and good health sweetie. I hope the advice I got was good and there is indeed enough there for a small wall quilt.

You have quite inspired me with your sampler so now I am thinking on one recording bike themes and sights only in a stellar blue and white which would match the new bike and relate to delft blue and memories of the Netherlands.

The strip memory sampler is stuck for lack of a decent river boat pattern.

UFO anyone?



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